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Tough steps for business owners with ERP, Supply Chain, or BPI Projects

For company-wide initiatives like ERP, Supply Chain or BPI Implementations to succeed, there are often two tough steps that senior management or company owners need to take early in these projects, and most don’t talk or write about them. 1.

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Don’t lose customers by not understanding your suppliers!

A client started receiving order cancelations from customers whose orders were weeks past due. A special steel that was required to build the products for fulfilling those orders had not been delivered by a specialty steel supplier, and they continued

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CompassLead earns new project

A current CompassLead client continued to show their trust in our guidance by awarding us the project of helping them select, and implement a shop floor scheduling and reporting system for their discrete manufacturing operation. This was added to our

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Don’t ask for what you won’t understand

I have worked with many successful business owners and CEO’s who provided engaging and active leadership for their companies until it involved their IT related projects. These otherwise very capable professionals would shy away from these projects because as one

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