Case Study: ERP Implementation

Consumer goods manufacturer/distributor ERP implementation

When a multi-site complex ERP implementation went wrong for a $120 consumer goods manufacturer/distributor, they called on the expertise of CompassLead to help guide them through.


The organization required a complex business system with custom enhancements. The “Go Live” attempt was failing due to broken base software and data corruptions throughout the system. Operations at the organization were devastated due to inability to ship product and massive cost overruns. Further, the client was preparing for legal action against the software provider.


CompassLead was able to manage the immediate operational crisis. CompassLead created temporary manual and electronic processes to enable the re-start of customer order processing, order fulfillment and invoicing. After a thorough assessment, CompassLead refocused the project, re-specified all requirements, tested the software and, successfully managed the full implementation.


Under CompassLead’s guidance, the client’s operation was first stabilized and then was able to successfully go live with the new system. CompassLead worked alongside organizational personnel and the software provider so that all parties took project ownership. The broken software was corrected; enhancements were re-defined, programmed and implemented; and the contract with the software vendor was renegotiated without need for formal legal action.