Client Testimonials

CompassLead is proud of the quality of service we have provided our clients. For a better understanding of how we have served other organizations, read these testimonials from our clients.

Knowing that the implementation of an MRP system would change the nature of our company, we never fully understood the broad spectrum of changes and benefits that would result from this project. What began as a challenge turned into a complete operational renovation – a project that could not have been completed without your energy and guidance. Your assessment of our problems and initial implementation plan was the impetus we needed to begin the process. Our employees feel stress relief now that they are able to perform their tasks efficiently.

-Howard Z. Skolnik, SKOLNIK Industries, Inc.



 During the discovery phase of a case] John deciphered and explained complex software development, release, deployment and implementation procedures and its jargon to our legal team and client team members. He has a great depth of experience in these areas and was very effective in explaining these topics to non-industry related people. John helped in discovering and applying to support our claims many important pieces of information from the tens of thousands of documents produced, including retained emails, memos and functional and technical specifications.




While in litigation, John M. Bielecki provided deposition testimony that was extremely helpful in  achieving a significant settlement in favor of our client. I believe this was due to his incredible depth of understanding of IT issues, complex and large scale business systems, and the software implementation process. I highly recommend John to service as an expert witness and to counsel lawyers and their clients in understanding technology issues and rectifying IT problems.

-Christopher M. Murphy, McDERMOTT, WILL & EMERY



   John provided an excellent expert witness report. This report included details for his discoveries, a comparison of these to other software deliveries and implementations, and a thorough explanation of the impact of these discoveries on our client’s business. This report was thorough, complete and, most importantly, understandable to all needing to read it. It painted a clear and accurate picture of how our client’s business and operations were devastated by this faulty project.




Prior to John’s arrival, we were floundering badly and lacked the critical momentum to complete the task that lay ahead of us. John aggressively provided clear direction, enlisted the support of the key systems and user personnel, and motivated the team to achieve their milestones in order to implement the system on schedule. Implementation went remarkably smoothly and the confidence our people gained from this effort is a direct result of John’s contribution to the entire affair.

-Edward C. Emma, Jockey International, Inc.



In a very short time, John established himself as a very knowledgeable practitioner of JBA software and systems as well as an associate who possessed an outstanding work ethic. He was a team player willing to help any person or group resolve their problems. He interfaced well with all the varied department personnel and his door was always open. I can say without question, John M. Bielecki is in every way a professional and a gentleman.

-Ed Talbott, totes»ISOTONER



Comtrad has struggled for years with duplication of effort and lack of established, clear cut procedures to help maximize efficiency from the initial customer contact through our billing process. Your guidance enabled us to develop a set of standard operating procedures that greatly helped this process. I would highly recommend your company and your personally to anyone who needs help improving work flow, operations or developing a streamlined set of procedures. Thanks again for helping Comtrad Cable improve its operations and work flow.

-Anthoy R. Hamilton, Comtrad Cable



By the time John arrived, we were extremely disappointed with the progress achieved to date with our new [business] system. Our IT team was demoralized and our previous project managers were ineffective. We had just gone live with a fully integrated business system and one of the many issues that surfaced was the inability to properly invoice millions of dollars during our busiest season. Jon possessed the business acumen to focus his immediate attention on this most important matter, while at the same time gather information necessary to develop a strategic plan to correct the many problems that we were faced with on a daily basis. John instilled confidence throughout the organizations and refocused the implementation team. He came with a heightened sense of urgency that matched ours.

-Paul Kingslow, SG Footwear



Our difficulties with our Enterprise Resource Planning system culminated in a lengthy legal action against the vendor. Mr. Bielecki directly assisted us in deciphering complex software development, release, deployment and implementation procedures and its related jargon. Mr. Bielecki possesses great depth of experience in these areas and was extraordinarily skilled and effective in communicating these topics to people who were not involved in the information systems industry. Mr. Bielecki provided important professional knowledge and expertise to our legal team and us, directly assisting in the successful outcome of our legal action.

-Miryan Nogueira, Cels Enterprises, Inc.