About John Bielecki

John Bielecki is the owner and principal consultant of CompassLead Consulting, Inc. which he founded in January of 2000.

Initially focused on failing ERP system implementations, John moved to turning around struggling operations within manufacturing and distribution companies. Since founding CompassLead, John has evolved to his present focus on operations, processes, order fulfillment, supply chain management, and applying ERP software to automate these functions. John’s goal through all of this is to align the total organization to meet the current demands of their customers and their market.

John’s strong and diverse manufacturing background provides him unique insights into manufacturing operations. Prior to starting CompassLead, John began his career with manufacturing and distribution companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to larger international corporations. John started in engineering and then moved into manufacturing where he held senior management positions including Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering. John’s manufacturing processes experience includes injection molding, blow molding, extruding, metal stamping, metal fabricating, wire product resistance welding, machining, tooling, and machine design. This experience has provided John with extensive expertise in resolving process and system issues through order processing, purchasing, manufacturing/shop floor, warehousing and inventory — which typically results in reduced product costs, lead times, and inventory while increasing product throughput, profit margins, and customer satisfaction. John is also an inventor and patent holder.

In 1988, John began working in the ERP software industry, where he applied his skills and experience of the previous fifteen years to implementing ERP Systems in a variety of industries. It was during this phase of his career that John developed expert-level skills in turning around failing ERP implementations and eventually operations. He has worked with many companies including Playskool, Selfix, Inc., MGD Graphics Division of Rockwell International, totes, Jockey, SG Footwear, Hartmarx, American Wire and Stamping, Skolnik Industries and others.