Providing true direction.

Ensure that your operation’s order fulfillment, supply chain, and ERP system processes are aligned to meet today’s customer and market demands. CompassLead helps your company achieve sustainable changes by leading business owners and their staff through process turnaround, improvement, ERP optimization projects, or ERP implementations.

John Bielecki, President

John Bielecki is the owner and principal consultant of CompassLead Consulting, Inc. which he founded in January of 2000. Since founding CompassLead, John has evolved to his present focus on operations, processes, order fulfillment systems, supply chain management, and applying ERP software to automate these functions

Our services

CompassLead guides business owners and their teams through operation and process improvement projects and ERP optimizations or implementations, tailoring our business consultant services to a level that fits your needs -- whether you need someone in an advisory role at the senior level, a leader to manage the team through the process, or someone who can jump right into the trenches.

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Front Line & "In the Trenches" Consulting
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